16 – 21 June 2024
Leiden, the Netherlands


The organisation of Exoplanets 5 is dedicated to providing an inclusive, equitable, supportive, and safe environment for everyone: participants, presenters and staff. We value, respect, and aim to accommodate all members of our community and the diversity of their identities (1). The environment includes the venues, online communication tools, as well as any in-person meetings, and activities.
We behave with respect and empathy, and we are kind to others. All of our communication, written, verbal and non-verbal, should be appropriate for a professional audience that includes people of all different backgrounds. We do not insult or disparage anyone. We do not tolerate any discriminative or exclusionary communication, behaviour or harassment in any form (2). We value diverse perspectives and encourage open and constructive communication among all involved.
The organisation of Exoplanets 5 continually endeavours to learn, grow, and adapt based on the needs of its community.

(1) Including age, caregiver status, class, cultural background, disability, faith, family status, gender, gender expression, nationality, neurodiversity, opinion, physical appearance, race, sexual orientation.

(2) Examples of prohibited behaviour include, but are not limited to, insults, bullying, negative stereotyping and microaggressions; threatening, intimidating, or hostile acts; disparaging jokes, refusal to use names and pronouns provided.